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Spring 2017 Journal Contents

Judith Nicolson

RECENT SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH                                                                                                          

Dominance and leadership: useful concepts in human-horse interactions?                               

Evidence of heterospecific referential communication from domestic horses to humans.

Domestic horses send signals to humans when faced with an unsolvable task.                                       

Twitching in veterinary procedures: how does this technique subdue horses?                      

Preliminary evaluation of the effectiveness of varying doses of supplemental tryptophan as a calmative in horses.                                                                                  


COMMENTS ON PREVIOUS CONTRIBUTIONS                                                                              

Horses selecting herbs                                                                                      

Madame’s August misfortune                                                                                     

Discussion Topic Do horses self-medicate?                                                                                            

Horse-friendly riding                                                                                                     

Greg Glendell’s review of the BHS Manual of Equitation                              

Influential horse books                                                                                                                 


NEW CONTRIBUTIONS                                                                                                                            

At the foot of it all                                                                                                            

Further along than I thought                                                                                       

Getting through to Liesl                                                                                                

Equine communication and information gathering                                           



Understanding Horse Performance